“Be limitless. Be Purposeful.”
- Sangeeta
“Quit the worthless ;
pursue the worthwhile.” - Sangeeta
"When new options are explored,
newer possibilities are discovered"- Sangeeta
“For maximum returns, invest in yourself.” - Sangeeta
“Achievement is when you exceed your expectations”- Sangeeta

About Me

I am a Performance Coach, Chartered Accountant, Advisor, Professional Speaker and an Author. If you are looking at enhancing performance levels, better growth, and achieving your goals, I can be your trusted coach. I assist in improving productivity levels, overcoming challenges and reaching peak performance for both organisations and individuals. I also coach entrepreneurs on finance matters and drive their business towards profitability.

About My Book

I was moved on hearing the horror stories during my vacation to Cambodia which led me to write the book “A Glance at the Unknown”. It is an is an intriguing fiction thriller that has intertwined murder, rape, extra-marital affair, treachery and tragedy along with mystery, spirituality, clairvoyance, deeds and consequences. It is not just another story but one that gets the reader to think about the cause and effect theory. It also touches upon principles like values, purpose, integrity, crisis management, conflict management, work life balance etc. which are instilled into the reader through the engaging storyline.

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