“A Glance at the Unknown” is an intriguing fiction thriller that has intertwined murder, rape, extra- marital affair, treachery and tragedy along with mystery, spirituality, clairvoyance, deeds and consequences. It is not just another story but one that gets the reader to think about the cause and effect theory. It also touches upon principles like values, purpose, integrity, crisis management, conflict management, work life balance etc. which are instilled into the reader through the engaging storyline.

The book stresses on the importance of the fact that what goes around comes around. The fiction is based on valuable life lessons such as shouldering responsibility, importance of forgiveness, expressing gratitude, benefits of teamwork, spreading positivity, seeking inner peace and goodness in actions thus leading the reader towards an inward journey. It also provides insights on various matters including resolving inner conflicts, importance of ethics and also offers perspectives on management of life.

The book is a blend of mysticism, Indian philosophy and modern world, making it an impactful read.

A sneak peek into the story. As fate would have it, five strangers happened to meet each other in the beautiful, lush green and scenic forests of Agamalai in Tamil Nadu. Each short story then eventually converges into the main story.

The hero of the story is called Sid. He is young, intelligent and dynamic. He wants to seek answers to his fathers’ untimely and unfortunate death. Revenge is what he seeks. He wants to get rid of the infamous goons the Veerargals, who dwell in the forests near Agamalai. Sid goes in search of the Veerargals to the forest. He wants to know why his innocent father was targeted. Was he able to seek revenge that he wanted and quench his thirst?

Meet Shiva, of Indian origin, and a top notch CEO living in Malaysia. While his professional life was at its peak, his personal life was at its low. This gets him very disturbed. He wants to seek answers as to why his life panned out thus. Did he manage to resolve the conflict of his life?

Next is the runaway victim, Seema, who wants justice for her sister’s death caused by her sisters’ college mates. She is being chased by those college students as she has proof of her sister’s death, which was caused by them. And this proof would endanger the future of these students. Hence she is being targeted. Does she manage to escape from them and get them punished?

Moving on from the city to the interior jungles of Tamil Nadu into a tribal village near Agamalai, lived the tribal chief Arasi, whose life has been struck by tragedy after tragedy, to which she seeks answers. Life has been cruel with her in snatching away her near and dear ones. Why was it so? Does she get inner peace she was seeking?

Amidst them is also a bright person, yet a failure in life, called Saravanan. He is money-minded, sarcastic and strong emotionally yet he had decided to end his life. Does he succeed? Why was he running away from life?

How did all these people meet in the forests of Agamalai? Was it destiny? How did the strangers turned friends manage to unveil the enigma that shrouded their lives? How did they get to know the invisible truth? Who helped them and led them towards inner peace? Read and discover for yourself about this gripping and fast paced story.


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