You Empower Yourself

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Whilst many of us are striving to achieve work-life balance, here is a woman who is an ideal example.

Meet Kavitha, a self-driven individual. She cleans cars, delivers milk, runs errands for others and is a mother of three. She was a participant in my Performance Coaching workshop held this weekend. Being around a corporate crowd and business leaders in the workshop, she initially felt reluctant to express herself.

As she slowly opened up, she mentioned that her objective of attending the workshop was to perform better in her home front and take charge of her emotions. Her eldest daughter, an engineer, had pursued her to attend my workshop so that she gets inspired. However, in reality it was I, who was inspired by her.

She is up by 3.30am each morning in order to achieve the right balance in being the breadwinner for her family and be the ever-available mother to her children. She has learnt English three years ago on insistence from her daughter. She was emotional about what she does for her living yet she was quick to reflect and realise that this was the best option in her current scenario. At the end of the coaching session, she decided that she would like to become an entrepreneur once her kids are older. Her motive was not for earning money, but to utilize her talents effectively.

She thanked me profoundly for coaching her. And I was feeling awestruck by this self-empowered woman who is waiting to explore her true potential.

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