What the Finance

No. Finance is not confusing. Finance is not boring. Finance is definitely not something you can ignore.

Through simple examples, actionable points and practical insights, Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh shows entrepreneurs what finance really is – the most valuable secret weapon of your business. From how to arrive at your pricing strategy to managing your cash flow and how you can maximize your profits, the book covers all aspects of finance. Using over two decades of experience in the industry, the author has also peppered the book with real-life stories of successful entrepreneurs – how they overcame their financial woes. What the Finance also gives the reader a glimpse of the challenges these entrepreneurs faced and how, in reflection, they see the value in learning about finance.

A must-read for a smart entrepreneur, who sees the value in understanding the language of finance. This is not a book for your accounts guy. It is carefully written for entrepreneurs to learn business finance in its entirety.

About the Book

Book Reviews
You will no longer be afraid of Finance. This is a refreshingly new book on Finance for business leaders – be it corporate business executives, startup founders or even a shopkeeper! This book demystifies Finance and explains relevant concepts in a lucid and impactful manner! Sangeeta’s coaching background has surely helped her to keep the coachee (the reader) in mind and has empowered the reader to not only understand the concepts explained, but also creating an urge to practice them effectively. A must read for aspiring and practising business leaders
Raghavan Neelakantan
Must read for an entrepreneur – “Truly an Interesting and Fun book on Finance. Not one of my favourite topics but reading this book… Have made my notes n scribbles all over the book. Finished it over 2 weekends. Loved Chapter 3 – what will keep you going. Well written n a must book for an Entrepreneur and for those who run away from finance”
Rohini Krishna
Awesome read – “I have been an entrepreneur for 15 years but somehow never had the liking for finance though it was such an important function of the business. This book has changed my perception. Thank you so much Sangeeta for this awesome book.”
Deepak Subramanian