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If you want to up your game, get to the next performance level and improve yourself, you need to read this book! Packed with real, actionable points in every chapter, Sangeeta will teach you how to achieve maximum potential in your professional life.<br />
Dr Marshal Goldsmith, New York Times Bestselling Author & Thinker 50 #1 Executive Coach
Looking for the low-down on how to coach yourself to become the highest version of yourself? Look no further. Sangeeta shares practical, actionable advice to help you get better. Get this book. And then get ready to Get High.”<br />
Prakash Iyer, Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker & Author
“Achieving high performance by uplifting yourself and your service to others is the timely message of this vital book. Discover precious ideas and actions through this book to navigate well in the joy of living and giving.”<br />
Ron Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author
‘I strongly recommend Get High as an ideal D-I-Y guide to professional self-actualisation regardless of your age or position. Sangeeta is pithy, precise, punchy and extremely practical – All In One!’<br />
Sunil Subramaniam, Managing Director, Sundaram Asset Management Company
“Sangeeta has created an excellent daily work management workbook for anyone to follow and plot your own way to High performance”<br />
VS Parthasarathy, President Mobility Services Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra
Sangeeta has powered this book with tools for self-reflection, getting clarity for your goals, gaining insights for high performance and making it all happen. It simply helps you lead yourself in the challenging times of the new normal. I would say ‘GET HIGH’ is a must read.<br />
Shobhana Ravi, Chief IT, Innovation & Learning Officer, TAFE