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Being a leader in your industry is no guarantee for continued success. The recent crisis of Jet airways is an example.
While mulling over this thought, a friendly, time-pass hand ball match between 2 teams left me with some vital lessons that can be applied for success in business.
The Captain of Team “A” was a champion and was ably assisted by two veteran players and a new player. The players of Team “B”, including the captain were all mediocre players. At the beginning, most viewers were confident that Team A would win, but Team B won with a score of 15 vs. 3.

Learnings on what team B did right:-

  • Quick, alert, efficient and focussed on objectives.
  • Team work, proactive, and excellent coordination.
  • Gauging weakness of opponent and using it to their advantage.

Learnings on what team A could have done better:-

  • Lacking leadership, strategy, direction and playing in silos.
  • Not highlighting weakness of the new player to competition
  • Committing repeated fouls  

Apart from implementing the above learnings for your business, reflect on:-

  • What are your actions with regard to your business objectives?
  • What are your areas of focus?
  • How do you ensure being compliant with the applicable rules and regulations?
  • How are you promoting team spirit?
  • What is your strategy for handling competition?
  • How are you leveraging your business strengths and minimising weakness?

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