A Glance at the Unknown

A Glance at the unknown is an intriguing thriller. It is not just another story but one that gets you to think about the cause and effect theory. It also touches upon principles like values, purpose, integrity, crisis management, conflict management, work life balance etc. which are instilled into the reader through the engaging storyline.

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I read the book in one go and it is like reading Gita simplified. I am very impressed and more than enlightened. Though Siddha’s responses look simplistic, it opens the door for one to delve deeply and make a self assessment like his advice to Shiva. I am rereading the last chapters, where Siddha is explaining things to every one
For a first novel, this was a surprise. Typically interested in fresh voices, I read this book without expectation. It turned out to be a page-turner, and I finished the book over a short flight. Sangeeta carries the story along with aplomb in several threads at once, connects them all seamlessly, and continues onto the major theme of her story very clearly. Once you get to the second-half of the book, you start to realize where the first-part has led, and then you cannot put the book down until you finish. I want to visit the places Sangeeta so eloquently describes, I want to meet the people that she has created. This is a perfect for travelers – short, gripping, and enjoyable. I recommend this wholeheartedly. Now, cant wait for Sangeeta to pen her next.
Rajesh K Parthasarthy
An Exhilarating Book – There are many Indian authors who caricatured in the Indian way of life in their books. However, Sangeeta has gone one step further and combined the Indian Philosophy and Mysticism in this book. Starting as disparate life events of different individuals, the story line combines them in a Idyllic location where they all realize that they are here for a purpose and what they are going through is the result of their own actions. The twists the story has flows very naturally and one would not like to have a break till he/she completes the book. ‘A Glance at the Unknown’ is a wonderful book and a must read.
EYE OPENER – Life is beyond your eye. What a fabulous work it is !! How you see life and you should see life can be known through this book. If you stuck anywhere in your life then this book can make you free from that. I strongly recommend it to everyone who has life. Thank you Author ! Happy Reading !!!
Rahul Sharma
Wow and Awesome!!! I would recommend to everyone to read this book. The book says everything about life, karma,knowledge,spiritual, relationship and so on. Big applause to the author Sangeetha, she done a very good job to attract all stages and categories of people. I request author to write more books with her outstanding skills of innovative thinking. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
Prasanna Shunmugaraj
Enjoyed reading. Profound thoughts expressed in a simple fashion. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Loved the author’s style. Highly recommended for one and all. A must in your library.
Kulasekaran Satagopan